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Institutions Available To Investors

Investors have at their disposal the Government of the Republic of Srpska with the Ministries responsible for this sector.


Ministry for Economy and Entrepreneurship


Republic of Srpska Representative Offices Abroad

Republic of Srpska representative offices are founded for the purpose of establishment of economic, scientific, technical, cultural, social, information, education, sport and other types of cooperation with the entities abroad.

Currently, representative offices are operational in Serbia, Russia, Israel, Belgium, Germany, USA, Greece and Austria.

Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska (PKRS)

Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska with the regional chambers, which make a unique chamber system, works on creating business environment that will ensure and enhance more effective and efficient business activities, and it is the leading institution in promoting and connecting the economy of the Republic of Srpska wih the world economy, it provides services and it operates on the level of the most advanced chambers, and has professional trained staff and adequate financial means for carrying out its tasks.
For the purpose of enhancing the economic development of the Republic of Srpska, as a common mission of all members; Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska:

  • Represents the interests of its members and the economy in general in relation with the legislation and executive authorities, thus creating better conditions and environment for improving work and business activities in economy,
  • Provides adequate services to its members, in accordance with its competences and the program orientation of the chambers of commerce,
  • Establishes and improves business connections and represents the economy of the Republic of Srpska in the country and abroad.

Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska lobbies for key issues relevant for the creation of a better business environment:

  • Establishing business contacts by participating in economic missions and fairs in the country and abroad,
  • Opportunity to be informed through the newsletter Economic information as well as through other professional brochures, catalogues, studies, placed at your disposal,
  • Opportunity to promote your business,
  • Improve your work through professional education programs and through engaging experts in various fields,
  • Opportunity to be up-to-date in regards with the process of BiH integration in Europe and to participate in EU development programs,
  • Access to relevant contacts through the world chamber network,
  • Acquire certain rights based on official powers - detachment, contingent, certificates, licenses, bonity etc.,
  • Resolving international economic disputes through Foreign trade arbitrage within PKRS,
  • Possibility to rent Chamber’s conference rooms for seminars, business meetings and receptions.

Investment-Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska (IRBRS)

Investment-Development Bank (IRBRS) was founded with the aim to encourage investments and stimulate development in the Republic of Srpska. Activities of IRBRS are primarily focusing on development projects significant for the economy of the Republic of Srpska in relation with: employment growth, building infrastructure facilities in the Republic of Srpska, export oriented production, improvement of corporate management and capital market, small and medium-sized enterprises, environmental protection, balanced regional development, improvement of agricultural production, housing-business construction, efficient realization of privatization, restructuring of companies in the context of privatization, encouraging production that reduces import-dependence, international promotion of investment opportunities in the Republic of Srpska. IRBRS allocates funds for development projects through commercial banks and microcredit associations, and some of the projects are supported by international financial institutions such as: World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc.


Agency for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Republic of Srpska (RARS)

Agency for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Republic of Srpska is the generator of the overall support system for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Through numerous projects and support programs for the local economic development, development of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship, its objective is to increase participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the overall economy of the Republic of Srpska, increase technological development and competitiveness and open new markets for small and medium-sized enterprises, increase the number of business subjects and newly employed workers in these companies, establish regional cooperation with neighboring countries for the purpose of exchanging experiences, etc. The Agency creates strategic documents for the development of small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, implements incentive policies, enhances employment, professional education, retraining and further training of workers, supports establishing and development of local development agencies and local centers for business development, promotes entrepreneurship and provides support to innovation activities, takes part in international projects and their implementation, etc.


Local development agencies


Local development agencies of the Republic of Srpska are institutions formed with the aim to support the development of their communities. They have been founded with the aim to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote entrepreneurship and create conditions for employment growth, to improve the overall economic situation within their local community. Main activities of these agencies are focusing on the creation of development projects, fund raising activities for the implementation of projects through cooperation with international and domestic institutions and organizations, project management, networking between business subjects and establishing partnership between private and public sector. In addition to main activities, development agencies achieve their mission through out-of-project activities on providing support to entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized companies such as: consulting, organizing professional seminars, creating promotion materials and organizing trips to fairs.