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Work Permit


Besides general conditions set forth by the law and conditions set forth by the collective agreement and employers’ general acts, a foreigner must also comply with a special requirement concerning work permit issued by the Republic of Srpska Employment Bureau. Work permit required for conclusion of work contract with a foreigner is issued by a branch of the Employment Bureau with territorial jurisdiction over headquarters of the employer, upon their request. Issue of work permit is regulated by the Law on Employment of Foreigners and Stateless Persons (RS Off. Gazette no. 24/09 and 117/11).

Foreigners approved permanent stay in BiH, foreigners approved international protection in BiH, and foreigners approved temporary protection are entitled to work in the Republic of Srpska under the same conditions as its citizens, without obligation to obtain work permit.

Bureau branch may not issue work permit if unemployment records of the bureau with territorial jurisdiction over employer’s headquarters include registration of an unemployed person with adequate qualification who fulfills the set requirements, except in cases when the registered unemployed person entered in the records refuses employment in sought field.

Exceptionally, Bureau branch shall issue work permit to foreign investor or founder of a company with headquarters in the Republic, regardless of whether the unemployment records include persons who meet the requirements set forth in the application for issue of work permit.

Required documentation in brief:

  • Medical certificate, only for the first application
  • No need for nostrification of diploma, certified copy is sufficient evidence
  • Short period of processing.

Employer should attach the following to the application for issue of work permit:

  • decision on registration, issued by the body responsible for employer’s prevailing activity,
  • data about foreigner with whom they intend to conclude work contract or other adequate contract, in particular: given name and surname, given names and surnames of parents, date of birth, sex, place of residence and address in the country of origin, reference number, date and place of issue of valid travel document,
  • information about workplace or type of tasks, and work conditions,
  • justification of reasons for employment of a foreigner – description of job at which foreigner will be employed and type of qualification and professional knowledge and qualification required for that job,
  • medical certificate (only for the first work permit) and
  • certified copy of passport.