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Republic of Srpska Presented Financial Times Award as One of 10 Small Regions of the Future

Representative of the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the Government received today, 13 March 2018, in Cannes an award ranking the Republic of Srpska among 10 small regions of the future 2018/2019 for foreign investment strategy.

Award presentation for European cities and regions of the future as foreign investment locations was organized by fDI Magazine (foreign direct investment magazine), published by the Financial Times. Data was collected for 489 locations (cities and regions) under five categories: economic potential, cost effectiveness, human capital, infrastructure and business environment. In addition, a sixth category, foreign direct investment strategy, was assessed. In this category, best investment locations were selected among 146 applications. fDI Magazine, published by the Financial Times, has 15,284 active corporate readers and informs senior decision-makers on most recent changes in the global investment map. Launched in 2001, fDi Magazine was established with the objective to be a leading publication for business under globalizing conditions.


This award from a renowned magazine represents a significant promotion of the Republic of Srpska at the international map of investment locations and is a result of continuous activities conducted by the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation in collaboration with other ministries of the Government of the Republic of Srpska and local self-government units. Awards were received in their own categories also by the cities of Bijeljina and Zvornik (for cost effectiveness) and Prijedor (for cost effectiveness and strategy), which are members of the collaboration network of the Ministry. The collaboration network is an instrument for implementation of the investor aftercare programme aimed at removing obstacles in doing business and encouraging the existing investors to reinvest. In addition to this programme, also other programmes to attract foreign investments are being implemented systemically, such as targeted investment attraction (i.e. outreach), and promotional activities through representative offices of the Republic of Srpska abroad, electronic media (portals,, and direct support to all interested investors via the Ministry and through the Foreign Investors Council of the Republic of Srpska.