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Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship visited the facilities of the Footwear Factory Dermal

The Republic of Srpska Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship, Vjekoslav Petričević, visited the plants of the Dermal Footwear Factory in Kotor Varoš and on that occasion pointed out the strategic commitment of the Government of Srpska to preserve every job and continuation of business, together with creation of measures to assist and support the economy.


The Dermal Footwear Factory is a responsible company that maintained the work process even during the corona virus epidemic. Apart from not stopping the production, the fact that they increased the number of workers in the plants in Kotor Varošand Kneževo is also commendable, which sent a clear message to other economic entities regarding their survival on the market, the Minister emphasized.

By visiting factories in the processing industry, the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship wants to be assured that the businessmen have reorganised their work and adjusted to the conditions in extraordinary circumstances.

The Dermal Footwear Factory employs more than 1.000 workers in production plants in Kotor Varoš and Kneževo. With an emphasis on the constant increase in the number of employees this year, they plan to expand production in Kneževo, where a new production hall is being built on 3.000 square meters, “…and in Kotor Varoš, we will finish the new hall by the end of August and employ 100 new workers”, said the director of this factory and added that they had contracted jobs for foreign markets for the next four years.