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Minister visited the furniture factory Prima ISG and the company Tikt manufaktura in Gradiska

The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska, Vjekoslav Petričević, visited the furniture factory Prima ISG in Gradiška and the company Tikt manufaktura which deals with CNC production of parts for well-known European customers, such as producers of machines for various industries, as well as parts for sports cars.

The furniture factory Prima ISG in 2019 achieved record results in its history and a turnover of over 16 million euros, which is 15% of the furniture exported from BiH. However, their business was negatively affected by the appearance of corona virus resulting with a drop in turnover of over 80%. Nevertheless, with the opening of the showroom in Croatia, this turnover returns to normal. All production of this company in BiH takes place in Gradiška and Kalesija, while six more production plants are located in Croatia. The entire group has over 2000 employees, while 375 workers are employed in Gradiška itself. It was emphasized that there were no layoffs during the corona virus outbreak. Due to the closure of showrooms in Croatia, they turned to internet sales,which thankfully increased sales and generated certain revenues. The furniture factory Prima ISG has received payment for salaries and the corresponding taxes and contributions for April, and the Government of the Republic of Srpska will continue with activities and measures, and the main goal will be to preserve jobs and help the economy.

The company Tikt manufaktura has had a hard time operating during the corona virus outbreak; they pushed working, the market was stable and that they did not lay off workers. The company employs 74 workers and has not applied for aid from the Government of the Republic of Srpska.

These visits are a continuation of the visits to economic entities, i.e. the processing industry; the aim of these visits is to get acquainted with the difficulties of these companies and to find solutions by the Ministry.