Republic of Srpska Government
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Why Invest in the Republic of Srpska?
    Natural Resources
    Liberalized Trade
    Macroeconomic Stability
    Encouraging Tax Policy
    Favorable Treatment of Foreign Investors
    Human Capital
    Geostrategic Position
    Good Base of Suppliers
    Quality of Life

Business Guide
    Start-Up (Company Registration)
    Labor and Employment
        Labor Market
        Recruitment - Contracts and Requirements
        Vacation and Leave
        Contract Cancellation
        Pension Insurance
        Health Insurance
    Work and Residence Permits
        Work Permit
        Residence Permit
    Real Estate Purchase and Ownership Registration
    Construction Permits
        Construction Permits Issued at Local Level
        Permits Issued at Republic Level
    Environmental Protection and Environmental Permits
    Accounting and Audit
    Investor Protection
    Access to finance
    Support for investors from countries of domicile
    FDI Types

Investment Opportunities
        Investment Sectors Profile
        Investment Projects by Sectors
            Energy Sector
            Metalworking Sector
            Wood Sector
            Textile Sector
            Helth Sector
            Agriculture and Food Industry
        Nova Topola
        Municipal Investment Presentations
        Investment Projects by Municipality
    Business zone

Who Is Available to Investors
    List of Local Development Agencies in RS

Conference 2011.
    Conference Agenda
        Day One
        Day Two
    Conference Venues
    Materials And Photos


Key sectors
        Forestry and Wood Industry
        Metal and Electric Power Industry
        Textile, Leather and Footwear Industry
        Mining and Geology Field
        Food Production
    Health – PPP Investments
    Financial Services
        Stock Exchange Operations
        Voluntary Pension Insurance
        Investment funds

Costs of Business
    Taxes and Contributions
        Indirect Taxes
        Direct Taxes
        Other Taxes and Fees
    Costs of Labor
        Salary Calculation Example
    Notary and Lawyer Services

Investment Oportunities
    Business zones
    The base of investment projects

Living in the Republic of Srpska
    Basic Facts
    Tourism and Natural Beauties
        Eco and Ethnic Tourism
    Transport and Communications
        Contacts for Transport Public Companies
    Banking Services
        Insurance Companies
    Entertainment, Sport and Leisure
    People and Culture
    Health Institutions


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